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Rumors of my Death

Posted by DaveyK on September 22, 2009

Sorry all! Things have been very chaotic on home & job front and I haven’t had time, but I am not dead yet and intend to get back to this as soon as free time becomes less of a scarce resource.


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Bzzzt! Yes, Coach Thorp. Bzztz!

Posted by DaveyK on July 3, 2009


Coach Thorp is replacing Coach Kaz with a robot who can sit around all day and do nothing, but do it a lot cheaper. And, presumably, be more interesting at the same time.
Gil Thorp

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A Modest Proposal

Posted by DaveyK on June 29, 2009


Desperate times at the Flagston’s will force them to eat one of their children.
Hi and Lois

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Jungle Law

Posted by DaveyK on June 26, 2009


Sexual harassment, Jungle Patrol style.

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The Power of the Mind

Posted by DaveyK on June 24, 2009


Molly Kinsella’s replacement is able to hit a softball without aid of a bat; I fail to see any problem.
Gil Thorp

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