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A comics panel, stripped of context. As alone as the demented comics creator was when the idea was conceived.

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Smiling Inside

Posted by DaveyK on June 12, 2009


Funky Winkerbean tries out a new catch phrase.
Funky Winkerbean


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Fairly Warned

Posted by DaveyK on May 9, 2009


The author of Funky Winkerbean foreshadows upcoming foreplay and sex, a brief repulsive interlude of happiness between when two characters discuss their impending financial ruin and when they discover they have cancer. Do not read Funky Wiunkerbean for at least two weeks, to be on the safe side. You have been warned.
Funky Winkerbean

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Girl-on-Girl Cheering

Posted by DaveyK on January 13, 2009


The fat, balding coach in Funky Winkerbean is requiring the cheerleaders to cheer for the girls’ athletic teams. Make of that whatever you will.
Funky Winkerbean

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