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A comics panel, stripped of context. As alone as the demented comics creator was when the idea was conceived.

Rumors of my Death

Posted by DaveyK on September 22, 2009

Sorry all! Things have been very chaotic on home & job front and I haven’t had time, but I am not dead yet and intend to get back to this as soon as free time becomes less of a scarce resource.


3 Responses to “Rumors of my Death”

  1. xy said

    ah, good to know you’re still alive. we have all felt the crunch of real life and look forward to your triumphant return.

  2. Cap'N Cheetah said

    No problem, that’s perfectly understandable! Just glad you’re still around 🙂

  3. Jeff said

    Yay! Good to know…you are missed.

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