Comics – Out of Context

A comics panel, stripped of context. As alone as the demented comics creator was when the idea was conceived.

Reader Caption Contest

Posted by DaveyK on August 28, 2009

Write your own caption in the comments, best one gets posted!

Oops, sorry dude, that was me…I get so excited during these hunts… (Cap’n Cheetah)
Judge Parker


7 Responses to “Reader Caption Contest”

  1. xy said

    A shaved Big Foot is concerned that he is being chased.

  2. Sam said

    Life in prison is worse for some people than others.

  3. Cap'N Cheetah said

    “Oops, sorry dude, that was me…I get so excited during these hunts…”

  4. Cap'N Cheetah said

    Ooh, I won? Thanks Davey! Not much competition, but I’m still excited 🙂

  5. xy said

    did you die? that would be sad if you did.

  6. Cap'N Cheetah said

    That would be very sad, I like this place.

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