Comics – Out of Context

A comics panel, stripped of context. As alone as the demented comics creator was when the idea was conceived.

Sparkling Conversation

Posted by DaveyK on August 6, 2009


An acorn and a squirrel’s ass engage in conversation. Meanwhile, a second squirrel decides whether to attack the reader.
Mark Trail


3 Responses to “Sparkling Conversation”

  1. Ray said

    The fact that the squirrel’s back legs are spread so wide in order to, I guess, allow the words to come out is cracking me up…

  2. bats :[ said

    [Not the best place to contact you, but have you considered the last panel in 8/7/09’s Agnes as something out of context? It was suggested to me. Unspeakable filth, if nothing else…]

  3. Alan P. said

    If you can recover the Sept 16 2009 Mark Trail strip, you will see a 60-foot-tall owl menacing the reader, as Trail runs through the forest in the middle of the night. Sorry I cannot retrieve it myself.

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