Comics – Out of Context

A comics panel, stripped of context. As alone as the demented comics creator was when the idea was conceived.

Runaway Metaphor

Posted by DaveyK on June 10, 2009


Look out! Out of control Metaphor!
Mary Worth


4 Responses to “Runaway Metaphor”

  1. fluffy said

    Just FYI, for some reason when you set up the Feedburner redirect, my RSS reader started picking up entries from the blog instead, including when I used the auto-discovered RSS URL ( I had to go to the FeedBurner page to get an RSS URL which wouldn’t get redirected.

    I’m using FeedOnFeeds, for whatever it’s worth.

  2. Ray said

    **Cracking Up** I was going to make a comment about sea sickness, but I thought that would stretch the metaphor to the breaking point…

  3. Karen Moy’s prose appears to have run aground on the Dread Shoals of Misbegotten Metaphors.

  4. Ben Carlsen said

    I think this is the best way to present this. Even with context I don’t understand it. “…otherwise sea…” hurts my brain in so many ways.

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